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Take a look at what we offer and get in touch to begin your journey in creating a bespoke Painted Partridge lampshade.


Painted Partridge has grown from Natasha's love of interiors,

colour and nature. Whether it's outdoor swimming in our rivers and seas,

pottering in the cottage garden or exploring the woodlands

and fields with the dogs.

Inspiration is everywhere!

At Painted Partridge, we believe that every home is unique.

Every gathered lampshade is truly handmade to your requirements and

adds to the feeling of warmth and welcome in your home.

We offer a choice of stunning colours and designs inspired by nature with the opportunity to combine motifs to ensure your lampshades look

just right for your home.

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Shades On Off 01.jpg
Shades On Off 02.jpg
Shades On Off 03.jpg
Shades On Off 04.jpg
Shades On Off 07.jpg
Shades On Off 08.jpg
Shades On Off 05_edited_edited.jpg
Shades On Off 06_edited.jpg

Each design is carefully transferred to a block which is then cut by hand and used to print onto fabric at our cottage studio in Wiltshire.

The natural linen is handstitched resulting in a beautiful gathered lampshade with texture and interest.

Plain linen lampshades in a range of complimentary colours are also available in all sizes from the smallest of candle clips, suitable for chandeliers and wall lights, to 24" lampshades for the stoutest of standard lamps.

Block White.png
Tash LoRes 02.jpg
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We strive to combine traditional skills and contemporary design to bring our customers quality,

authenticity and sustainable style.



If you need to get in touch with us, please feel free

to use our contact form or email us

Phone 07858459151

We look forward to hearing from you!

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