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About Painted Partridge


I am a maker! I have always loved interiors, decorating and making interior accessories for my own home and as gifts for others. We lived in army quarters for many years and believe me, as any military spouse will know, imagination is required to create a 'home' for however long that may be.

As well as making lampshades, I am mum to two teenage boys, four dogs and an ever growing collection of hens and, like many of us, have spent so long putting everyone else first I rather lost track of who I was and what made me happy. I decided it was time to take the plunge and do something for myself so that next time someone asked me, 'What do you do?' I would have an answer that wasn't solely about the children/home/husband!  


Starting a (very) small business has been a hugely positive change for me. I have 'met' like minded people online and through selling opportunities and no longer need to bore my family with talk of fabrics, colours, interiors etc.(OK so I still do sometimes). Most of all I can feel some self confidence resurfacing and love what I do.


I hope you like my lampshades as much as I do. The stylish, semi-formal design is an easy way to add colour and interest to any interior. They are all carefully hand stitched using traditional techniques from binding the frame to trimming the gimbals and everything in between.

                         Natasha @ Painted Partridge

Made for you

Struggling to find the perfect lampshade?


Why not have a lampshade custom made in your own choice of fabric, something that really says something about your style?


I offer hand stitched, gathered lampshades in

in various sizes from a petite 5" candle clip shade to a generous 22" diameter shade.

Neutral or coloured linings? Contrasting or complimentary trim? There are so many options.


It's often possible to repair an older, much loved lampshade, or replace the fabric to recreate the original look. Please get in touch.

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